Cams Bay Golf Course walk

This lovely circular route takes you around the Cams bay golf course, with beautiful views over the water. There is a longer or alternate version that goes to Wicor recreation ground – which is a great open grassy space for games and training.

Route details

Postcode: PO16 8YQ

what3words: ///bridge.twinkling.elbow

Facilities: Free parking

Easy, flat packed paths and some pavement
Approximately 1hr
Approximately 3.1 miles

Begin walk

1. Starting point

Exit the car park and immediately turn left, you will see a large yellow barrier. Follow the path, going around the barrier.


This track will take you through the trees until you reach the open grassy area with the bay in front of you.


If you are looking for a good run/training area you can go left here, walking over the grass with the shoreline on your right. If you want to stay on the golf course track jump to Step 11.

At low tide the mudflats are exposed and you will often see a variety of birds feeding and resting. We recommend staying on the grass as the mud can get deep and dangerous, and the birds need time and space to feed, especially in the winter.


At the end of the beach, you should see the English coast path sign on the right, this will take you around a nice wooded area, or you can go straight on into Wicor recreation ground.


If you do take the coast path, as you come to the first left turn, be aware that through the large trees ahead there is a significant drop down onto the beach so keep your dog safely close. Follow the path left.


Again, you can choose to take the wooded path on the right or the open field on the left.


Soon you will reach another fork in the path, we recommend going left into the field here as the right-hand path can get muddy and a little tricky underfoot.


Wicor recreation ground is large and perfect for games and training, it is popular with dog walkers so there are plenty of opportunities for socialising, but there is also enough space for dogs that prefer not to.


There are a few different section, separated by trees, so plenty to explore! Please be aware that there are some playing fields as well.


To head back to the main golf course route or the car park, look for the English coast path sign and the beach which should now be on your left. Go back the way you came until you reach the gravel path.

Step 11.

Once you get back to the gravel track, follow it round, keeping the water on your left.


The path will start to curve left and you will come to a gate, go through and stay on this path.


Keep following the path and you will occasionally see the golf course on your right.


This path gives you some lovely views of the water so keep an eye out for wading birds.


The path will take you right around the golf course, with the water always on your left, and you may also notice the English coast path signs.


The path also goes through some more wooded areas, so lots of different enrichment and good sniffs!


After a while the path will have brought you right round until you are heading in a more easterly direction, just keep following the track with the golf course on your left.


You will soon find the path is in some thicker woodland, so you won’t be able to see the golf course or the water, just follow the track.


Eventually you will come to a road with an English coast path sign where the track joins, turn left and follow the path away from the golf course.


Follow this path with the road on your right, keeping your dog close and an eye out for cars.


At the end of this path you will reach the entrance to Cams Hall (which you can see behind you) with the two small white buildings either side and the road in-front. We would definitely recommend putting your dog on lead here as this road can be very busy.


Using the crossing, turn right and follow the pavement, with the fence on your right and the road on your left.


Go straight over the next crossing you come to as well. Do not turn right down Shearwater Avenue, you may have driven this way to the car park but there is an easier walking route.


At the next turn you will see a red post box on your right, turn right here to go down Birdwood Grove.


At the end of Birdwood Grove you will come to a gate, go through and then the car park will be on your left.

Download a printable version here:

Cams Bay Golf Course walk - 3 pages

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