Lepe Country Park

Lepe country park is a popular place to walk, and with good reason! For this walk we want to draw attention to a lesser used top path, which takes in stunning views and has a great place to play and train with your dog.

Route details

Postcode: SO45 1HA

what3words: ///snail.incorrect.otters

Facilities: Dog friendly cafe, public toilets

Easy, some walking on sand or loose stones, very brief steep section
Approximately 45mins
Approximately 1.24 miles

Begin walk

1. Starting point

Park in the upper car park.


Even from the car park, Lepe has fantastic views across the sea and of the Isle of Wight.


Follow this gravel path in an easterly direction (with the sea on your right).


At the end of the car park, follow this track.


Soon on your left you will see a gap in the hedge.


There is a lovely grassy area here, perfect for games and training. Did you know it is better for dogs to run on grass than on sand? It is more supportive and less stressful on their joints. So this area is perfect for burning off some energy before the rest of your walk.


There are also some handy dog bins! Giving your dog a good run around here allows them to do their business when there is a bin nearby, rather than down on the beach where your will need to carry it back.


On a clear day you may even catch a glimpse of the needle all the way over in Portsmouth!


At the end of the field there is a gap in the hedge leading back onto the track.


You will come out onto a sandy track leading down towards the beach.


Following this sandy path you can see the nature reserve on your left, you might even see the horses grazing, they have been introduced as a way of naturally managing the site.


This area has a lot of history, which you can read all about.


The left-hand path will take you through some trees.


There are lots of interesting things to explore together down here, including the old walls.


You will come back to the same place you joined the beach, the path splits and you can take the lower beach path or walk straight back up to the upper car park.


If you do take the lower path, please keep your dog close and be aware of the strong currents and the cliffs.


You will reach the lower car park and there are several routes back up to the start point.


If however you are feeling a bit peckish the cafe welcomes well behaved dogs, so you can enjoy the beautiful views over a cuppa!

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