Portchester Castle

This is a lovely, simple walk that offers sea views for the first half and opportunities for off lead time for the second half. This walk takes around 40 minutes, but you’ll need to allow extra time if you want to play with your dog in the open green space. The tearoom has a dog-friendly outside area with tables – you can’t take your dog inside, but staff say they’re happy to hold your dog while you order. If you’d like to add some historical interest to your walk, you can explore the castle grounds with your dog while you’re there.

Route details

Postcode: PO16 9QW

What3words:  ///became.rift.puddles

Facilities: Public toilets, cafe

Easy. Some parts of the path are very narrow.
Approximately 40 minutes. Allow extra time for the off-lead areas.
Approximately 1.24 miles.

Begin walk

1. Starting point

Walk down the path with the car park on your left and the castle on your right.


At the bottom of the path turn left and walk past the sailing club.


At this point the path is very narrow but there is a small detour through the trees past the narrowest part.


Follow the path round to the right beside the sea wall.


Keep following the path round to the right beside the sea wall.


Take the left path at the marker post.


You are now in the first open space.  Keep to the right.


At the corner take the left path.


Follow the path through the gap in the trees into the second open space.


Follow the path through the green space between the trees.


Go round the gate into the third and largest green space.  You can see the castle at the other side.


You can walk anywhere through this green space.  The next path to take is at the top left corner.


Take the path to the right and follow past the brick building.


The path comes out at a picnic area beside the car park.


If you wish to visit the castle grounds these are the opening times.  Dogs on lead are welcome.


If you want to visit the tearoom inside the castle grounds, go through the gate to St Mary’s Church and follow the path round to the right.