Broadmarsh Coastal Park

A short to medium length coastal walk in Havant. This is a nice, easy walk with plenty of birdlife to spot (especially in winter) and big, open fields – perfect for off-lead training or play. There is also the option of extending the walk if you and your dog fancy a longer stroll by the sea.

Route details

Harts Farm Way, Havant PO9 1HS

A wide, flat path with the option of going slightly uphill and off the path to a grassy field
Around 30 minutes, but allow extra time for off-lead areas
Less than a mile, unless extended

Begin walk

The slipway at Broadmarsh.

1. Starting point

There are a few car park options at Broadmarsh Coastal Park, and our route begins at the furthest one along. Drive past all the others and stop when you can see the sea ahead of you. Keep in mind that there are usually lots of tame swans near the slipway, so if your dog is prone to chasing you will need to keep them on lead when you get out of the car.


Walk around the corner to the right of the slipway.

A tan and white dog walks along a coastal footpath.
A tan and white dog walks along a coastal footpath with the sea to his left.


Continue walking in a straight line along the path with the sea to your left. At low tide, protected migratory birds feed on the mudflats here so it’s important to make sure that paws stay on the path.


After a short distance, you will see a little track leading up a small hill. Follow it to find a big, open grassy space.

A tan and white dog walks up a small hill towards a grassy field.
Two dogs play in a grassy field.


You should now find yourself in a large, open field. Walk onward around the field – this is a great spot for off-lead play and training. Keep in mind that the field isn’t fully enclosed, and that there is a busy road beyond the trees at the far end.


As you near the other side of the field having walked around the perimeter, you will see a narrow track that takes you back down to the path.

A tan and white dog heads down a narrow track towards a coastal pathway.
Two dogs walk on a coastal pathway.


To extend your walk, you can continue walking on with the sea to your left. You will find further sea views and another field to play in on your right.


To head back to the car park, walk in the other direction with the sea to your right.

A black dog and a white and tan dog walk together along a coastal path.


After a short walk, you will find yourself back at the car park.