Weston Shore Promenade

Perfect for a quick leg stretch, this walk at Weston Shore Promenade has a great place to play, with beautiful views and a shorter more accessible option.

Route details

Weston Shore East car park – SO19 9SH

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Facilities: free parking, toilets, café

Flat, mostly paved and packed and gravel paths, some pavement
Approximately 20 – 30 mins (with time to play!)
Approximately 0.79 miles

Begin walk

1. Starting point

When leaving the car park, turn right and take the coastal path, walking with the sea on your left and the white bench pictured to your right.



Continue down the path until it opens out on the right.


The field is a great place to exercise dogs as it is fairly large, with soft, short grass for running, areas of long grass for hiding games and plenty of bins.

We are always grateful when people choose to play here, rather than let their dogs run down onto the beach, as there are sensitive bird species feeding down there, especially in the winter. The drop and shoreline itself can also be dangerous, as seen with some of the recent slips, where the edge has fallen away.


On your right you will see the path around the field, please be aware this is a gravel track and therefore a little more uneven than the main path.


The path will bend left at the benches and follow down the long side of the field.


At the end, in the corner of the field, look for a gap on the right, take the path through here.

7 – Accessibility note.

The route from here onwards is still flat and fairly even underfoot, however there is one road crossing without a dropped curb and some areas can get a bit tight when the foliage has grown up. To join back onto the promenade, you can turn left here and go over the little wooden bridge.


Follow this path straight ahead through the woods, make sure you keep an eye out for the road ahead and keep your dogs close or on lead.


When you get to the road, safely cross over into the woods on the other side.


Once in the woods you will join another path going left and right, you should see a sign in front of you, for the Promenade loop you will be turning left.

Extra loop.

If you turn right when entering the woods, you can explore Jurd’s lake – there are a few nice paths through here and keep an eye out for butterflies in the summer.

Extra loop.

There are even a few spots where dogs can enter the water, perfect for a little paddle and washing muddy paws.


Follow the path through the woodland.


When the path forks, take the left path.


Follow this path towards a car park.


Safely take the path through the car park and across the road before turning right.


Follow the path towards the sailing club (pictured above).


Once you have passed the sailing club go through the bollards and back onto the paved promenade path.


Walk back along the promenade and enjoy the views!


Follow the path back to the car park with the sea on your right, or you could head back onto the field for more playtime.

Download a printable version here:

Weston Shore Promenade Walk - 2 pages

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