Ryde – Appley Park and Seafront

Taking advantage of the beautiful greenspace of Appley park, this short loop has stunning views of Ryde beach and across the water to Portsmouth. You can stick to the path around the park, but many dogs will also enjoy running around on the grass and through the woods.

There are seasonal restrictions for dogs on the beach so this walk is great for getting those sea views and lots of enrichment for your dog without actually going on the beach. In the winter you can access some of the beach but there are often endangered migratory birds feeding there so please keep your dog close, give them space and consider staying in the woods and on the path so you don’t disturb them at all.

Route details

Appley Park Car Parking – PO33 1ND

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Facilities: Toilets, dog water points, showers, cafes

Terrain easy, paved paths, some uphill sections
Approximately 35 minutes
Approximately 0.8 miles

Begin walk

1. Starting point

Park in the Appley Park car park, there are plenty of spaces here, but it is pay and display, so make sure you check the signs.


Next to the car park entrance and exit, look for a path going between some small buildings, there are also some white bollards here.



Turn left, heading uphill on a wide path and past the five bar gate.


The park will be on your left, with an area of trees and lots of open grass to run around on.


At the top of the path, turn left again, this will take you along the top of the park.



There are some amazing views across the open grass here, you can even see Portsmouth over the water.



After you have walked along the top for a little while, before you get to the corner, you will see a gap in the fence on your right. This is an optional extra bit of enrichment, although the path can be a bit slippery and uneven underfoot, especially in the rain.



There are all sorts of things in here for your dog to explore, and opportunities for some games and activities.



There are also a few different paths, although the area isn’t very large, the easiest route is just to turn left straight away, then just walk with the fence on your left.



The exit back out onto the main path looks the same as the entrance, just a little further down.


Back out on the main path, you will start curving to the left and going downhill.


At the bottom of the hill, the path will curve left again and you will join the promenade.


You can turn right here and walk along the promenade to the lovely Dell cafe and just beyond to the historic Puckpool Battery, which is very worth a visit.


For the main route keep left and enjoy the promenade, with beautiful woodland on your left (look out for red squirrels!) and the beach on your right.


There are several lovely routes up into the woods, with more opportunities for games and for you and your dog to explore.


If you stay on the promenade, you will pass Appley beach tower, a mock castle built in Victorian times, it is privately owned but you can sometimes climb it.


There are also water points along the side of the path for your dog to have a drink from.


You can carry on down the promenade towards Ryde, this will also take you past the Appley Beach Cafe.


Or you can take the left-hand path, uphill towards the car park. This is also where you will find the public toilets and a dog waste bin.


Follow the path up and you will reach the car park shortly.

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